Saturday, May 9, 2020

Waiting and being still

Hey family and friends,

   I hope all of you are doing well and are staying safe at home. This month I spent with my family. I was able to catch up with most of my sisters and spend time with them catching up on their lives and see how God is working and teaching each one at different phases. During this season I feel like the Lord has been showing me how to rest with him and trust him even when plans aren’t going the way I planned. I’m learning what it is to wait on God. Waiting on God doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything although I do feel like that most of the time, instead, waiting is, being still before him and, knowing him as God. He knows what he’s doing and that he is in control.

   I’ve also been able to pour out and minister to my friends here in Bangalore, Ritika and, Deepika. Now Ritika has started reading the Bible and she’s been having a lot of questions. I’m able to help her understand and see God’s heart through the word. Deepika has also started taking Jesus seriously and has been trying to get to know him better. She also has a lot of questions on how to live a life pleasing to God and I was able to show her what it means to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and, soul.

   This month was also sad as one of our dogs named Beezus passed away. She was attacked by a pack of street dogs and then had inner organ failure. It was very sad and depressing. There were a lot of tears at home. She was a strong, brave, and Wild Dog. She protected our home well and she will be dearly missed.


   Some prayer requests are:
1.      Please pray that I would continue to be a blessing to Ritika and Deepika. Pray that this season would be a life-changing season for them. They would grow closer to Him and deeper in him. They would experience him in a whole new way and level.
2.      Please pray for protection over our home and family.
3.      Please pray that I would continue to wait on the Lord and be still before him.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Home Again!!!

Hey family and friends,

Leaving Base.
  I pray that everyone is doing well and keeping safe. This month has been a relaxing and slow month. I came home on the 16th of March and am still home. I have been able to reconnect and spend time with Tammyma, my aunties and my siblings. During this whole quarantine and under lockdown I’m grateful that I’m home and not out anywhere else. It’s the best place to be right now. I feel refreshed and renewed in spirit and mind.  I believe that the Lord has something for me even at home. My quarantine days are spent with a lot of family activities. It all starts with family exercise every morning, family chores, free time, some downtime and outdoor family games like volleyball, king and queen, etc. Evenings are family movies or indoor family games and card games. In the middle of all these fun activities; family devotions, worship, prayer has been my number one favorite. I have missed family worship and prayer when I was away from home. Nothing beats worshiping and praying with family.

Family Fun!!
  As one of my prayer for returning home was being a blessing and continue ministering to my family, I was able to do that. I got to share a short message during one of the devotions and every prayer time and worship time the Lord has been using me to be a blessing. My quiet times have gotten so much better also. At the end of my outreach and stay at the base I was starting to feel apathetic and complacent in my quiet time and relationship with God. But on coming home I have been able to get out of it and start rekindling and fanning my flame and passion for God. The Lord has been very faithful and good to me. I love resting with God and spending so much more time with him. I feel closer to Him now than before.

  The Lord has been leading me to go back to Nagaland, Dimapur to partner with a ministry called Hope ministries. Hope Ministries is a ministry that works in the slums and villages of Dimapur. The majority of the people in the slums and villages are from Assam. Because of no employment in Assam, they move to Nagaland and work as farmers. And all of them are either Hindus or Muslims. During my outreach, I got an opportunity to minister to them and spend time with them.  I feel like the Lord might be leading me to work with them, do ministry with the people and even pioneer a house fellowship or house church in these villages. So after the quarantine and lockdown, I will be going back to Nagaland and partner with Hope ministries for a few years. I’m excited to see what God is going to do here and be a part of it.

  Some of my prayer points are:
1.      Please pray that I would continue growing deeper in God and learning from Him.
2.      Please pray that I would keep myself open to God for whatever he has for me.
3.      Please pray that as my plans are on hold and I’m starting to feel restless and anxious, I would find peace from God and see what he has for me in this season and time.

Monday, March 9, 2020


Hey family and friends,

Nepali kids ministry
  This month was my last month of outreach. We traveled to Nagaland on February 7th from Arunachal. We reached Nagaland on the 8th of February. Right before reaching Nagaland we found out that the place where we were supposed to stay was cancelled. So, we didn’t have a place to stay in Nagaland but the Lord came through for us and a family of one of my students opened their home to us. They let us stay with them for two weeks and we got to do ministry with this family. Some of the ministries we did with this family were rehab ministry, church ministry, house visiting, youth ministry, children ministry and school ministry.

  During the first week in Nagaland, we got to visit a small village of Nepali people. We did house visiting and invited the children in that village for an event that we planned for the next day. The kids came the next day after school and we got to do ministry with the kids. We taught songs, told stories, danced with them, had skits and played games with them too. It was a blessed time to get to know that village and spent two days with them. We also got to do church ministry in another Nepali church among the youth and elderly people. We also got to minister in a rehab. We shared testimonies and worshiped with them. We also got to pray for each one in that rehab. We visited many more churches and did ministry among that whole town people. The second week of our stay in Nagaland we got to do ministry in the slum, house visiting, children ministry and youth ministry. We were able to encourage the high school students who were going to take the big final exams.
open air ministry

                 The last week of our outreach and stay in Nagaland we had a week of debrief and team time. We went camping in the mountains for three days and three nights. It was my first experience camping out and I really enjoyed it. Although it was freezing cold and rained most of the time we had fun. We got to do some sight -seeing, trekking, had bonfires and singing time, cooking over fire, and sleeping in tents. We had a time of sharing personal experiences and reconciliations. We got to encourage one another and speak life over each other. This outreach has been very successful. One of the things that satisfied me the most was seeing and being a part of growing and learning together as a team. I learned a lot from each of my student and was able to be Christ like to them. I want to give all glory to God for his favor and grace upon my team and me. It was only because of him was my outreach a success and a redemption from my own outreach experience. I was able to grow in my leadership qualities and learn more on how to be like Jesus. We returned back to base on the 7th of March. We have a week of classes and all my students graduate this Friday; March 13th 2020. 

                 I head home on the 15th of March and am still praying on what to do next. I do feel like the Lord wants me to start something in Nagaland. Dimapur in Nagaland has many villages of Muslims and Hindus. During outreach I got to do ministry with them and I believe I can reach out to them. I’m still praying for direction, guidance from God. I’m very excited to go home and spend time with family and friends.

debrief week

                Some prayer points are:
1.       Please continue praying for my team as they head out back into their lives and families. They would continue growing and learning from God.
2.       Please pray for direction and guidance as I head back home and pray for my next steps.
3.       Please pray that as I rest with family and friends I would continue to be a blessing to them and that I would be refreshed and renewed in Christ.   

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Arunachal Pradesh!!

Hey family and friends,

Arunachal Pradesh
  This month has been such a blessing for my team and me. We were able to see and experience God during our ministry. In my previous blog we were in Mizoram for three weeks. This month we traveled to Arunachal Pradesh and did ministry for three weeks with Annu and her ywam team. We left Mizoram on January 14th,  stayed in Guwahati for a day and then left for Arunachal on the 16th.  We reached on the 17th morning and spent three weeks with the ywam team in Naharlagun. Some of the ministries that we did were school ministry, children ministry, open air/street ministry, church ministry, house visiting, prayer walks and house fellowship.
  The first week of our stay in Naharlagun we did ministry in a small school of kindergarten and nursery kids. We taught songs, told stories, played games with them and also taught classes. I was a teacher for the upper kindergarten kids. I had a class of 14 kids. In the evenings we did house visiting in our village area. The next week we went on prayer walks to Itanagar, a lot of mandirs( hindu temples) and also monasteries. On our last week we did open air/ street ministry in different areas of Naharlagun. In the open air ministry we got to minister to Muslim women and their kids. I believe that the Lord went ahead of us and actually prepared the way for us and brought the right people because previously there were other teams who tried to minister to them but they weren’t open to them. But when we did, they willingly sent their kids and also came forward for prayer. We also got to have fellowship with the new born Buddhist people. We were able to worship and encourage them to stand firm in faith and also to spread the gospel to their families and friends. We got to pray for them. It was a beautiful experience.

School ministry!!
  In the beginning of our outreach we started with a lot of misunderstandings among my students and me. We had a lot of issues with certain students and some were even on the verge of going back home. I knew that we couldn’t do ministry with so much disunity and misunderstandings. So we had a long team meeting where everyone got to share their problems and clear all misunderstandings. We prayed for each other, learned to forgive one another and love one another. It has been three weeks now and I can say that my team has improved drastically!!! We’ve learned to get along with one another, communicate better, not just tolerate one another but understand and love one another. Our unity is so much stronger now and because of that I believe we were able to do our outreach successfully. Some of the things that really helped for us as a team are worshiping together, having regular meetings, sharing what God’s been teaching each one of us that week during ministry and from one another and praying together. The Lord has been having so much grace and favor upon us as a team and me especially as a leader. I believe my family and friends’ prayers are not in vain. I want to thank God for his faithfulness and goodness.

Prayer walk in a monastery.
 Some of the prayer points are:
1.       Please pray that we would not grow weary of doing good and continue to do ministry with the same energy that we started with in the beginning.
2.       Please pray that we would not become complacent and apathetic but would finish this race,   stronger than we started.
3.       Please pray that we would stay united till the end of our outreach.
4.       As our time is nearing the end, please pray that God would show me what’s next for me and for direction and guidance. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Outreach in Mizoram!!

Hey family and friends,

   Happy New Year 2020!!!! Last Christmas I began my outreach. My team and I left for outreach on the 21st of December and it was a long 4 days journey to Mizoram. We travelled by train for the first two days and by bus for the next two days. But the travel was worth it. Mizoram is a very beautiful place and the people are so welcoming and hospitable. We reached Mizoram on the 24th night and we celebrated Christmas Eve with a fellowship called Mission for Christ. Our first ministry location was in this fellowship. We got to lead them in worship through dance and music. It was our first service in Mizo but its definitely not the last one either!!

 Our hosts are a pastor and an ex- ywamer. They’ve been helping us get with different ministries and churches. We were able to do ministry in rehabs, churches, children’s home (for teenagers who are addicts only) and juvenile. When we are in these places we share testimonies, lead worship, have a short teaching, perform a skit, play games, dance with them and pray for them and prophesy over and encourage them.

House visiting
     We’ve been here two weeks so far and I love everything about Mizoram. The food is the 2nd best part here after the ministry. We also do a lot of house visiting in the villages. The

 villages are high up in the mountains and more isolated from the city. So we did a lot of walking and trekking. We visited 7-10 families and got to listen to them share their problems or requests, encourage and pray for them. It was a blessing to meet these families. We also organize house fellowships where many families come together to worship, pray and encourage one another. I got an opportunity to give a short message in one of these fellowships. I believe that the Lord is making the way smooth for us and that wherever we go and the people we meet are all planned out by God. The people in the rehabs are so eager to hear about God and the testimonies they hear resonate with them and they receive hope. Being able to give these people hope is one of the most beautiful things. Showing them Jesus and being like Jesus to them is one of our team’s goals.

     As a leader, I can say these couple of weeks haven’t always been very easy. My team has had its share of ups and downs. Some of my teammates haven’t been very cooperative and sometimes they can be very disrespectful. But the Lord is teaching me to be more graceful and merciful towards them. We as a team are working towards being punctual, self-disciplined, self-control and team unity. I am usually someone who doesn’t want to get involved in everyone else’s problems and issues but as a leader I need to be able to help everyone deal with their issues and get along with each other. We are also working towards improving our listening skills. I’m teaching them how it’s important to have good relationship with God and with each other which includes discipline, obedience, self- control and respect. It doesn’t matter how well we do ministry outside but if we can’t have love for one another in the team, how can we show love to the people we minister? My team is a work in progress for sure but I’m grateful for each one as I’m able to learn from each teammate.

House fellowship
    Some prayer points for this month are: 
  1. Please pray that thr Holy Spirit would continue to lead us in our ministries.
  2. Please pray for Mizoram. Pray for more hearts to go out. Most of the people here take the                    meaning of christian very lightly. Pray for sincerity and seriousness. Pray the God would consume      this state and renew their minds and give them His spirit.
  3. Please pray for my team. Pray that we would earn to grow closer to each other as we draw closer          to God.
  4. Please pray for good health. Many of us are still adjusting to this weather and are falling sick.             Pray for strength and wholeness of our bodies.


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Outreach preps.

  Hey family and friends,

                           This month has been a month of breakthrough and freedom. We had a teaching on a topic called Divine plumb line. In this week of lectures; the Lord has been convicting and moving hearts of most of my students. We had three days of teaching and the next 2 days of ministry time. We divided the students in groups of 8 or 9 with two staffs. In the groups; we pray for each student and if the Lord nudges them to share or confess anything they open up and we help them receive freedom and breakthrough by praying for them. It was so good to hear the students confess and share their struggles and see them receive freedom and go through the whole process of receiving forgiveness and healing. I was able to encourage them and talk to them about their struggles and now that they’ve been set free; how they can live in that freedom and run closer to God. The other topics that we’ve been teaching them are team dynamics, spiritual warfare, identity in Christ and outreach. I taught the students on team unity for two days and it was very good. I got to use my gift of teaching and preaching in these two days. 

Group discussion
                                I’m leading a team of 7; 5 boys and 2 girls to the North East for outreach. We’re going to Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Myanmar and Nagaland. We’ll be doing a lot of slum ministry, church ministry, children’s ministry, youth group ministry, community service, open air ministry and house visiting. There will be a lot of traveling and walking. I’m very excited for this outreach but I’m also a bit scared that I’m going to fail my team and school during this outreach. I fear that I won’t be the leader that everyone’s expecting me to be. Please pray that I would be more confident and i believe that I will experience God in a whole new way. I will experience him as a leader. We will be leaving the base on the 22nd of December and it’s a 4 to 5 days journey to Mizoram. I’ll be spending my Christmas on a bus to Mizoram!! My first Christmas without my family. My main goal during this outreach is to help my students experience the true meaning of missions and show them God’s heart for the world. I want to be like Jesus to them.
School picnic!
                                When I was preparing for the outreach and getting in touch with the hosts I was so stressed and worried because none of the hosts were responding and the ones that did respond  weren’t able to have us because of Christmas and they already made other plans. I was so worried and kind of depressed and I lost my focus on the main point of this whole outreach. I came to a point of giving up and thinking of quitting but God reminded me to focus on him and caste all my cares unto him and to rest at his feet. I was being Martha instead of Mary. But the Lord in his goodness reminded me of where I needed to focus on and take time to sit with him. When I did that; the Lord immediately made way for me to go to the places I wanted to. The Lord reminded me to fix my eyes on him instead of my worries and problems. My priority even as a leader is to fix my eyes on him, fall deeper in love with him and know him more. I want to show my students how important it is to be with Jesus when we’re doing ministry. Our ministry life is not as important as our relationship with Jesus is. For only when we receive from Him can we give to others. 
Talent night!

                               Some of my prayer points for this month are:
                                 1. Please pray that we will experience God during our ministry and also with others as a team.
                                 2. Please pray that I will be Christ like leader to my students instead of my own.
                                 3. Please pray for protection and safety as we travel.
                                4. Please pray that we will not get sick during travels and that we’d grow closer to each other as we draw close to God.
                                5. Please pray for strength, courage, boldness and that there’s no fear in perfect love. I would stay in perfect love.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

This is a move!!!

Hey family and friends,

Morning session.
   This month started out really good for me. My sister Selvi got married and I got to be one of her bridesmaids. I was so honored when she asked me to be her bridesmaid. The wedding was very beautiful and so much fun. I was beyond happy to go home and stay there for a week. I got to visit Pooja, Shalini and Sashi. I loved helping on making some props for the wedding with the rest of my sisters. Oh how I missed working with family!! I got to have one on one with my mom, spend time with the aunties, my sisters and brothers. I also got to hang out with my best friend Deepika and in the Daily Bean almost every day. The best part of my visit back home apart from spending time with everyone and the wedding was the dance practice we had on the night of the big family dinner. So, we had dinner with the groom’s family and that night we practiced the flash mob that we were going to perform for the wedding. I was incandescently happy and overjoyed that night. It had been too long since I danced with family. I loved every moment of my stay at home.
   My biggest challenge this month is my students. Each one very different and unique with their own set of challenges. Most of them are from very hard backgrounds and families. Many of them come from homes of abuse (physical and verbal), addictions (alcohol, smoking, drugs, chewing tobacco etc), single   parent or orphaned, Emotionally damaged, no identities or experienced the love of a father. They carry bitterness, hatred, anger, unforgiveness etc. The Lord is patiently teaching me patience and helping me handle each one differently.
Classic DTS 2019!!

   We had a teaching on the Father heart of God for a week and the Holy Spirit was on the move that whole week. I could see God breaking hearts of stone and melting the cold hearted ones too. It was an emotional week and I believe that the Lord came through for many of them. I could see strongholds being removed and chains being broken. The Lord was using me to minister to them and to help them to let go of anger, hatred, bitterness, instead to accept the love of our Heavenly Father. The Lord has also been using me to help them release forgiveness towards their fathers or mothers, receive healing, and to take that BIG step towards intimacy with God. It was a beautiful week to see and be a part of this story and big event. I was reminded of the scripture that the Lord gave me 4 months ago for my students and for me. Acts 28: 27 says, “ For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes and hear with their ears understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.” They came with hard hearts but they’re turning now and getting healed by God!!

Staff Team.
    I’ve been able to teach what I’ve been taught at home about forgiveness and I might even become an expert in that area!! I was able to lead one of my best friends through forgiveness and healing. And I believe I’ll be doing this a lot more this next month with a few of my students. There is a student here that I’m having a hard time reaching out to and I’m praying for more wisdom, grace, discernment and understanding for this one student. We have a few students with extreme cases and I’m asking God for help with these students. And to also give me a heart for them; His heart for them. I believe the Lord will receive more glory through these few in this next couple of months!!

    Some prayer points for this month:
     1. Please pray for even more wisdom and understanding from God for these few students.
     2.  Please pray that I would not get so caught up with my students that I forget my relationship with Jesus.
    3. Please pray that I would hear from God for my next steps after this school.

Waiting and being still

Hey family and friends,     I hope all of you are doing well and are staying safe at home. This month I spent with my family. I was a...